Authoritative Subpoena in Minnesota

Are you a legal professional looking to obtain a subpoena in Minnesota for a lawsuit that's out of state? I can assist you with that!

Subpoena in Minnesota under the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA)

The UIDDA is the legal framework for foreign subpoenas. Minnesota adopted the UIDDA in July 2015 to streamline the process for foreign jurisdiction discovery requests.

Even though the foreign subpoena process is simplified because of the UIDDA, every subpoena is scrutinized during its journey in Minnesota.

Subpoena under the Minnesota Interstate Depositions and Discovery Rule (MN Rule 45.06)

MN Rule 45.06 is the legal framework for issuing and serving a foreign subpoena in Minnesota. This rule lets you request a subpoena that commands testimony and documentary evidence from non-party witnesses in Minnesota.

Obtaining legal discovery from Minnesota cannot be achieved without the proper subpoena.

Maximize the impact of your foreign subpoena in Minnesota

Legal professionals: Enhance your foreign subpoena with fast and efficient results while saving time and money, and avoiding potential issues from improperly issued and served subpoenas.

For trial attorneys

Trial attorneys can use Legal Process Minnesota for a prompt subpoena turnaround time. This lets you quickly evaluate the admissibility of witness testimony and documents and secure favorable outcomes in court or jury trials.

For civil litigators

Civil litigators can use Legal Process Minnesota to quickly process and serve a subpoena. This lets you receive evidence faster to promptly resolve legal disputes outside the courtroom, often resulting in the best outcome for your clients.

For paralegals

Paralegals can use Legal Process Minnesota to increase assignment efficiency and save time and client resources. By accessing a highly effective subpoena in Minnesota, you can be successful in discovery requests across state lines.

Empower your foreign subpoena in Minnesota

Transform your foreign subpoena into a legally binding subpoena in Minnesota that compels compliance.


You can confidently summon facts, information, and objects located in Minnesota to use in a court proceeding out of state. Legal Process Minnesota understands subpoenas and has many years of experience working with foreign subpoenas in Minnesota.


Engaging a subpoena specialist ensures expert handling of your legal discovery request. Legal Process Minnesota pays particular attention to detail, ensuring the entire foreign subpoena process is accurate and effective in Minnesota.


Award-winning attorneys and top lawyers in the US, recognized on prestigious lists such as Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers, and US News Best Law Firms, rely on Legal Process Minnesota as a trusted resource to get a subpoena in Minnesota.

Subpoena assistance for civil procedure subpoenas

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