Get a Foreign Subpoena in Minnesota

Are you a legal professional looking to domesticate a foreign subpoena in Minnesota for a lawsuit out of state? I can assist you with that!

Foreign subpoena: Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA)

The Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act provides procedures for courts in one state to issue subpoenas for out-of-state depositions and records production. Minnesota enacted the UIDDA in July 2015 to streamline the process for foreign jurisdiction discovery requests by eliminating the need for a commission and letters rogatory.

Even though the subpoena process is simplified because of the UIDDA, every subpoena is scrutinized during its journey in Minnesota.

A foreign subpoena under the Minnesota Interstate Depositions and Discovery rule

MN Rule 45.06 is Minnesota's legal framework for issuing and serving foreign subpoenas. This rule eliminates the need to hire an attorney in Minnesota to obtain an enforceable subpoena and provides that motions to enforce, quash, or modify are governed by Minnesota.

Obtaining discovery held in Minnesota can only be legally achieved with the proper subpoena.

Secure the best subpoena in Minnesota

Enhance your foreign subpoena with fast and efficient results, saving time and resources, and avoid potential issues from improperly issued and served subpoenas.

For trial attorneys

Trial attorneys can use Legal Process Minnesota for expedited subpoena processing, allowing for timely evaluation of witness testimony and documentary evidence during the discovery period in court and jury trials.

For civil litigators

Civil litigators can use Legal Process Minnesota to expedite the collection of evidence, leading to speedy resolution of legal disputes outside the courtroom. This results in cost savings and the best outcome for clients.

For paralegals

Paralegals who use Legal Process Minnesota can enhance assignment efficiency, save time, and conserve client resources by successfully seeking discovery across state lines with a correctly issued subpoena in Minnesota.

Empower the foreign subpoena in Minnesota

Transform your foreign subpoena into a legally binding subpoena in Minnesota that compels compliance.


You can confidently request facts, information, and physical items from Minnesota for use in legal proceedings outside the state. Legal Process Minnesota is well-versed in handling foreign subpoenas in Minnesota and has many years of experience.


Engage a certified Minnesota process server to ensure expert handling of your legal discovery request. Legal Process Minnesota pays particular attention to detail, ensuring the entire foreign subpoena process is accurate and effective.


Award-winning attorneys and top lawyers in the US, recognized on prestigious lists such as Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers, and US News Best Law Firms, rely on Legal Process Minnesota as a trusted subpoena process server for subpoenas in Minnesota.

Subpoena services for civil procedure subpoenas

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