How to subpoena records in Minnesota from out of state

Are you seeking records located in Minnesota and have an out-of-state subpoena commanding the production of Minnesota documents? As someone who works with records subpoenas every day, I can guide you on how to subpoena records in Minnesota to avoid needless objections.

A subpoena duces tecum is needed to subpoena records in Minnesota from another state. Then, a subpoena form conformed to Minnesota law is required. Next, file the subpoena duces tecum with the Minnesota court in the county where the records are sought. Finally, a records subpoena issued in Minnesota is required.

Important: Notice of the records subpoena must be provided to all other parties to the action, and the subpoena form must conform to Minnesota law. MN 45.06.

Notice to Parties. Any use of a subpoena, other than to compel attendance at a trial, without prior notice to all parties to the action, is improper and may subject the party or attorney issuing it, or on whose behalf it was issued, to sanctions. MN 45.01(e).

Legal Process Minnesota can issue a records subpoena in Minnesota on your behalf to command a third-party in Minnesota to produce records for discovery in another state.

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Prepare the Minnesota civil subpoena form CIV101 to conform the subpoena duces tecum to Minnesota law.

Establish Jurisdiction

Hand-deliver the subpoena duces tecum to the relevant Minnesota State Court for issuance. (The Minnesota court filing fee is included in our services).

Subpoena Process Service

Our process server attempts to serve the records subpoena promptly after issuance. (Process service of the subpoena is included in our services).

Proof of Service

Prepare the Return of Service when the process service is complete, provide a copy to you by email, and mail the original to you.

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