Foreign deposition subpoena

Depose a non-party witness in Minnesota.

Foreign deposition subpoena in Minnesota: How to get one

A subpoena for foreign deposition in Minnesota is critical if you’re an out-of-state lawyer seeking testimony of a Minnesota witness for a case outside Minnesota. Though, you’ll need a Minnesota civil subpoena form for a foreign deposition in Minnesota. There are different ways to obtain a Minnesota subpoena form for a foreign deposition. Here are your options.

  • You can get a foreign deposition subpoena in Minnesota from Legal Process Minnesota subpoena services, which provides the Minnesota civil subpoena form CIV101 for a foreign deposition in Minnesota
A happy woman raising her right hand to make a witness oath at a video deposition.

Subpoena form for foreign deposition in Minnesota

Do you need a Minnesota subpoena form for a foreign deposition? Look no further; our subpoena service is here to help. We’ll prepare the Minnesota civil subpoena form CIV101 and triple-check it to ensure all the required information is inserted and all necessary documents are attached to meet procedural requirements. Rest assured that your Minnesota foreign deposition subpoena will be handled with professionalism and expertise. Trust us to get the job done right.

Subpoena form for records in Minnesota

In Minnesota, a subpoena that orders a non-party to testify at a foreign deposition in Minnesota can also command them to produce business records and personal documents at the deposition. For more information, see Records subpoena in Minnesota: How to get one.

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Subpoena a foreign deposition in Minnesota in a breeze

Subpoena preparation

Legal Process Minnesota receives and reviews your deposition subpoena for completeness, then we correctly prepare a Minnesota civil deposition subpoena in conformity with Minnesota law.

Establish jurisdiction

Legal Process Minnesota ensures the hand-delivery of the subpoena packet to the relevant Minnesota court administrator for issuance, expediting the timeline and accuracy of issuing a foreign deposition subpoena in Minnesota. We include the Minnesota court subpoena filing fee.

Execute service

Legal Process Minnesota process server delivers and serves deposition subpoenas. We include three service attempts on one person at one address, mileage, and a 20-minute wait time when needed. Subpoena service is included in subpoena domestication service.

Speedy turnaround

Generally, three days are sufficient for completing foreign subpoena issuance and process service. A process server makes every effort to serve the subpoena after issuance, though 5 to 7 days are standard for routine process service.

Verification and confirmation

When the subpoena service is complete, you can expect a confirmation notice by email. Then, Legal Process Minnesota forwards a copy of the affidavit, or Return of Service to you by email. Then, the original service document is sent to you by mail.

Cancel anytime

When you notify us of cancellation, you receive a refund of the entire amount to the payment method used. Though, a refund applies only when the Minnesota court has yet to issue a foreign subpoena, and when an attempt at service has not yet been made.

How much are Minnesota witness fees?

$20.00 for each day and .28 cents per mile roundtrip

A Minnesota witness who is not a party to a civil action subpoenaed to give testimony or produce documents is entitled to reasonable compensation for the time and expense involved in preparing for and giving testimony or producing documents requested in a civil subpoena before complying with the subpoena. The following information explains about witness fees in Minnesota.

Witness fee for daily attendance at a deposition

$20.00 for each day for attending in any action or proceeding in any court of record or before any officer, person, or board authorized the take examination of witnesses.

Witness fee for each mile traveled roundtrip to a deposition

.28 cents per mile for roundtrip travel estimated from the witness’s residence to the place of attendance.

Witness fees must be tendered in advance of a deposition

Note: A person is not obligated to attend as a witness in a civil case unless one day’s attendance and travel fees are paid or tendered in advance unless the subpoena is issued on behalf of the State of Minnesota or the state’s officer or agent.