Foreign subpoena service

When you need an out-of-state subpoena domesticated and served in Minnesota, Legal Process Minnesota's foreign subpoena service facilitates the process of subpoenaing the necessary discovery information. By using a trained and experienced subpoena service company makes the process smoother, more efficient, and faster.

Subpoena service at a Minnesota courthouse.

Legal Process Minnesota can save time and eliminate the inconveniences and headaches of preparing and organizing paperwork following the Minnesota Interstate Depositions and Discovery procedures. When handling out-of-state subpoenas in Minnesota, Legal Process Minnesota strictly adheres to the established foreign subpoena rules.

Advantages of working with a subpoena service company

When you work with Legal Process Minnesota, you'll receive convenient, efficient, and effective subpoena services. We handle the complexities of requesting the issuance of a foreign subpoena in Minnesota, ensuring a prompt and accurate subpoena so you can receive discovery from Minnesota without unnecessary delays. The following sections explain how Legal Process Minnesota facilitates the foreign subpoena on your behalf.

Subpoena preparation

We review your out-of-state subpoena and its instructions and carefully prepare the Minnesota subpoena form CIV101, compliant with Minnesota Subpoena Rule 45.06(b), by incorporating the terms, names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all parties of record.

Subpoena jurisdiction

To establish jurisdiction, we file the foreign subpoena in person with the related Minnesota court administrator. We follow that court's foreign subpoena filing protocol and obtain a court-issued subpoena immediately. The $16 subpoena filing fee is paid on your behalf.

Subpoena process service

We include three process service attempts, mileage, and 20 minutes of wait time. Legal Process Minnesota follows the MN Rule 45 Subpoena process service procedures when serving the subpoena. We can advance the Minnesota witness fees on request.

Turnaround time

Generally, three days are sufficient to complete filing and serving the subpoena in Minnesota. The process server strives to serve the subpoena promptly after issuance, but routine process service might take five days.

Confirmation and verification

After serving the subpoena, the requesting party will receive email confirmation. Subsequently, the originally issued Minnesota subpoena and the return of service will be sent to the requesting party by mail.

Refund policy

A refund is allowed for a payment error or when you cancel the subpoena before the court issues it and before any attempt at the process service. The refund is a credit on the original payment method minus the credit card transaction fee.

Subpoena service to file and serve the foreign subpoena

Correctly filing and serving the out-of-state subpoena is the foundation for a successful foreign subpoena in Minnesota. Working with Legal Process Minnesota ensures compliance with Minnesota laws and meeting subpoena deadlines. The following sections provide useful tips for filing and serving the foreign subpoena in Minnesota.

File a foreign subpoena.

Important tip for filing the foreign subpoena

File the foreign subpoena in the Minnesota county where the legal discovery occurs. This secures authority in Minnesota. Each Minnesota District Court has its own foreign subpoena filing protocol which must be adhered to. If you need to know the local practices, contact a specific Minnesota court administrator (opens in a new tab) to learn more.

Serving a subpoena in Minnesota.

Helpful tip for serving the subpoena

To effectively serve a subpoena in Minnesota, it is crucial to follow the state's specific service of process rules and timelines. The process server should serve a copy of the subpoena, not the original or a certified copy, following MN Rule 45 Subpoena of the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure. Adhering to Minnesota's subpoena serving rules is not just a requirement, but a guarantee that your service of process is valid.

Subpoena service for subpoena ad testificandum and subpoena duces tecum

Subpoenaing nonparties to comply with the subpoena across state lines can be time-consuming and challenging if not done correctly. Find more information about these subpoena types in the following sections.

Deposition subpoena (ad testificandum)

A subpoena ad testificandum commands the nonparty witness to attend and testify at a deposition held in Minnesota. See Foreign deposition subpoena (ad testificandum).

Records subpoena (duces tecum)

A subpoena duces tecum commands the nonparty to produce documents and physical items held in Minnesota. See Foreign records subpoena (duces tecum).

Important considerations to the MN Rule 45.06(b) Subpoena

Find informatin about Minnesota jurisdiction and rules of the foreign subpoena in the following sections.

A request for the issuance of the subpoena under MN Rule 45.06(b) subjects the filer to the jurisdiction of the Minnesota court, laws, and rules, including the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct. If the Minnesota subpoena is issued, then the MN Rule 45 Subpoena procedures apply to the process service, enforcement, and other procedures relating to that subpoena.

Before submitting the foreign subpoena to the Minnesota State Court, you must notify every other party to the case about your subpoena demand and provide proof of the notification. In accordance with MN Rule 45.01(e) Notice to Parties, any use of a subpoena, other than to compel attendance at a trial, without prior notice to all parties in the case is improper and can subject the party or attorney issuing it to sanctions.

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