All-inclusive subpoena service rates.

Price to serve a federal, state, and foreign subpoena in Minnesota



Allow 5 to 7 days to serve

One subpoena, one person, one address.



Allow 3 days to serve

First service attempt the following day.



Submit by 11:00 AM

Service complete by the end of the day.

The price to domesticate a foreign subpoena in Minnesota

Price to domesticate a foreign subpoena

You may appreciate that Legal Process Minnesota Subpoena Services are unique and different from the competition. We do not list the price to issue a foreign subpoena in Minnesota because of the concern that less qualified competitors will lower the amount they charge to mirror our price and deliver poor service. Thanks for being so understanding.

We’ll be happy to send you the price for the domestication of a foreign subpoena in Minnesota. This would include all the necessary components, such as completing the MN subpoena form, filing the subpoena at the court, paying court filing fees, and ensuring proper Service of Process for a foreign subpoena.

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