The price to serve a subpoena in Minnesota includes three process service attempts, mileage, and expenses.

The price to serve a subpoena in Minnesota

The following sections offer three price options for subpoena process service. If needed, inquire about advancing the additional witness fees.

Routine service

Allow five days


Each subpoena, each person, and each address.

Rush service

Allow two days


First process service attempt within 48 hours.

Same-day service

Submit by 11:00 AM


Process service attempt by the end of today.

The price to issue a foreign subpoena

Legal Process Minnesota doesn't publicly advertise the price to issue and serve the foreign subpoena. This is to deter less experienced competitors from offering you a lower amount and providing poor subpoena service. However, you can have the price sent by email. Thank you for being so understanding.

What's included in the price

All the necessary components are included, such as filling out the MN CIV101 Subpoena form, preparing a short transmittal letter to the court, filing the request in person with the Minnesota court administrator, paying the $16 fee for subpoena filing, and providing timely service of process. We can advance witness fees on request.

Request the price

Fill in the form's fields and send an email request.

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