About Legal Process Minnesota

Our expert subpoena service gives you the edge.

About Legal Process Minnesota Company

Legal Process Minnesota is a leading provider of subpoena services based in Minnesota assisting litigator across the US in obtaining legal discovery through foreign subpoenas issued in Minnesota.

Legal Process Minnesota was founded in 2010 by Christine Heuer to provide foreign subpoena service exclusive to Minnesota to give you the most efficient and cost-effective subpoena possible. We also operate as a Minnesota process server providing Service of Process of federal, state and foreign subpoenas in Minnesota.

Experience and accomplishments

Christine began preparing and issuing foreign subpoenas to legal professionals as a deputy court clerk in the South Dakota Judicial System, then as a deputy court administrator in the Minnesota Judicial System.


Christine received hands-on subpoena training provided through the South Dakota and Minnesota State Court systems, including guidance about the State Court rules governing subpoenas. She participated in several Civil Process Training courses through the Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association to learn how to correctly serve subpoenas and other legal documents according to Minnesota laws.


Legal Process Minnesota aims to help you successfully obtain discovery in Minnesota by ensuring your foreign subpoena is perfect and trouble-free in Minnesota. To save you time, energy, and your client’s resources, every subpoena is carefully examined, prepared, and reviewed before issuance at the Minnesota State Court.


You can expect to receive the following qualities when you use Legal Process Minnesota’s subpoena service.

  • Friendly and welcoming subpoena service
  • UIDDA compliance to prevent extra-territorial objections
  • Thorough planning and attention to the fine details
  • Priority processing to give you prompt and timely service
  • A reasonable and affordable pricing
  • Superb communication and excellent customer service
  • A safe and secure workplace with controlled document handling


Grateful to the attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals who trust us with their subpoena projects, Legal Process Minnesota is looking forward to helping you issue a foreign subpoena in Minnesota.

Is your subpoena more likely to succeed having experience on your side?