About us

Legal Process Minnesota is a subpoena company that helps legal professionals nationwide issue and serve foreign subpoenas in Minnesota governed by the UIDDA.

A message from the founder

Christine Heuer.

Hello. My name is Christine Heuer. I own Legal Process Minnesota. I am a subpoena specialist and a certified Minnesota process server.

In my role, I collaborate closely with attorneys, lawyers, and paralegals to understand their foreign subpoena requirements. Then, I facilitate the lawful issuance of a foreign subpoena in Minnesota. I ensure that a foreign subpoena issued and served in Minnesota follows the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA) and Minnesota Depositions and Discovery procedures. This involves navigating the complex legal frameworks, gathering all necessary documentation, and completing the Minnesota subpoena form CIV101 according to established guidelines and specifications.

I take pride in offering high-quality and dependable subpoena services to my clients. I am committed to addressing your subpoena needs with professionalism and integrity.

My training and experience

From 1989 until 2000, I trained and became an expert at preparing and issuing subpoenas as a deputy court clerk in the State of South Dakota Circuit Court.

From 2000 until 2010, I served as a deputy court administrator in the State of Minnesota Judicial system. During those ten years, I received hands-on training and experience issuing Minnesota subpoenas for civil court proceedings throughout the United States.

While employed within the Minnesota state courts, I learned about the MN Subpoena Rule 45.0 that governs state and foreign court subpoenas in Minnesota.

I obtained certification as a Minnesota process server and completed several civil process training courses, including the MN Rules of Civil Procedure, offered through the Minnesota Sheriff's Association, to enhance my skills further.

Is your subpoena more likely to succeed having experience on your side?

Thank you to the attorneys, lawyers, law firms, and paralegals who trust Legal Process Minnesota's subpoena assistance. Your trust and confidence fuel the drive to consistently deliver reliable, helpful, and efficient subpoenas in Minnesota.

Who is responsible for this website?

Legal Process Minnesota LLC, a limited liability company in Minnesota, United States, is responsible for this website: https://legalprocessmn.com. Christine Heuer is the content author for the website pages.

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